July Newsletter 2018


In this newsletter we are pleased to announce some great new BizzWerx features and services. 

Also the NSW Business Chamber awarded BizzWerx the Super Star Startup regional finalist award for 2018.  It's great to get some recognition for our efforts.

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Our network of users who allocate work to trades is always growing so if you're interested in getting some additional work please join our network .  You can do this by clicking Yes to the agreement in the yellow box on the Jobs Connect page.  You can also contact us or just call to discuss.

In this edition:-

  • New Assessor and Estimator features.
  • BizzWerx Applets - A new and easy way to interact with your staff, trades and subcontractors.
  • Jobs Connect - get work via our network.
  • Customization Services.

We are dedicated to your success and focused on making BizzWerx a powerful tool to help you run your business, manage your work and save you time.  Feel free to contact us or just call.

Peter Caspari
0411 379268

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New Assessor and Estimator Features

BizzWerx Pro Accounts can now schedule assessors and estimators from the Jobs and Scheduling page.

We are now developing a new app that will integrate with this new scheduling feature to allow you to:-

  • Capture job specific assessment or estimation notes including line item details with optional prepopulated rates.

  • Capture and annotate images.

  • Capture job specific audio and video.

  • Add risk assessment details to images.

  • Access job specific correspondence.

  • Generate image, risk, quote, job and custom reports on site.

All this captured data is linked back to the job and can be used to generate an email with attachments sent from site.

We are looking for anyone interested in this app to let us know what their specific requirements are so we can look at including it.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a say in this exciting new functionality.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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BizzWerx Applets

Do you need your staff, trades or subcontractors to update job progress easily without app install or training issues? You can now do this simply by sending an email or SMS with a simple link. This link will open an applet on their device which can also be configured to do numerous other tasks such as customer sign-offs or image capture.

We can also help you create your own custom applets for your specific business requirements. Please contact us to set up this for your account.


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Join Jobs Connect

Do you want some extra work? Our BizzWerx Pro clients who allocate and manage work for trades can now allocate work to BizzWerx account holders thoughout Australia.

Everyone is welcome to join our network via the Jobs Connect page, simply select Yes to the highlight question regarding being available to join a network.

You can also simply contact us or just call.


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Customization Services

If the system does not meet your exact business requirements we can customize the system for you.
If you have any questions, concerns or want something added or changed just for you please contact us